Artistic Creations




Fever Dream

One day after listening to Johnny Cash's version of Trent Reznor's "Hurt", then returning from watching Walk the Line, in a theater, I had this rhythm/rhyme in my head. So if you have trouble catching the flow, listen to Hurt, and try again...and if you still don't get it, give up...I am not totally satisfied with it, but I don't think it's getting any better (If it does, I'll update it).

The background picture is a photo I took of a Banyan tree in a jungled area of Hawaii.


It rhymes, in the most basic way...it even turns in to my 8-syllable/line standard...How can it? Why must it RHYME!!!   Oh well, I guess this is me:
I just lost two hopes that I was holding tightly to (too tightly!), this writing, some prayer and a little venting at friends kept me sane/ helped me through... now time to move on. (finally) 

The photo is a colorful sunrise, and a gray me...after driving 10 hours into the midst of California.

Twisted Sky

This hippy poem is based on the picture that I took and edited...it's environmental in nature, but only a rant, don't take it too seriously. The photo its self was taken in Longview WA, on Washington Way (in the Car Quest parking lot), looking toward the riverfront mills and their steam rising in front of the setting sun...Of course I edited it green, if the pollution was that obvious, the fines that the mills pay would probably be higher.


Originally written on an air-sick bag, this was a dreamy poetic rambling that came to mind, after sleeping for a few hours on a twelve hour fright form Brasil, and waking to find the sun had just risen over the sea of clouds. The picture has been slightly edited in PhotoShop to account for a dirty window, and to bring out the brilliance of the memory.

Silent (a dream)


While in Brasil I had a lovely dream, about a first kiss, and all the weight and promise that it signified.  So I had to write this to prevent the scene from fading. The photo was taken about a year before on the Oregon coast, I chose it for its serenity and brilliant color.


This is what can happen when you live in a cold rainy environment.  I was getting in quite a funk.  Both the picture and the poem were created over the course of finals week, in about three short sessions.

Dead-End’s Deliverance

Inspired by a drive I partook of one moonlit night. This prose was written at about 4:00, before I finally gave in to sleep. I then forgot about for 22 months and only recently finished it. Enjoy the adventure.


A vision that kept growing... I can still feel the sun's warmth on my face sometimes.


Yet another poem that I stated very late at night, forgot about, then some time later rediscovered, tweaked and finished. RPM may stand for "Randomly Protesting Mediocrity", which would be congruent with the theme of this piece. The photo is the bottom of the head on an EA82T with a bad head gasket, slightly Photoshoped.

Prayer of Umbrella

A deeply emotional poem; I put a lot of heart into this at the time it was written. But it rhymes so it can't be all bad.

Sir Edwin

This is a fun little rap I wrote, uncharacteristically fast almost free style. My inspiration was a Furthermore song with the line "She don't need no knight in shining Armor-All", that and my friend Ed... Enjoy

Something Real

I started writing this with one line; the first one. Then developed the idea over about 2 years of running across it while looking for something else. Somehow it manages to rhyme on every alternate line... Odd... But there is quite a bit of meaning to it, so dig in. [Here is the text version for those of you with dieing dark monitors]

Hope of the Fall

The first 4 lines came to me in the form of a song, one night while driving.  But then expanded to have 3 verses, more meaning and less of a musical component.  Though I would love to put it to music if I could find the right music to put it to.

Hour Eon

I wrote this on new years day wilts reflecting on the perceived rapid passage of years, yet the fact that one second can feel as a lifetime...
The Picture is a clock tower in Spokane WA, slightly edited of course.


This started as an alternative to taking a course on evolution, it has since then been revised and updated, but still retains the main point. It concentrates on the origin of life, dealing blow after blow, until the contrivance of a random geneses is revealed as the impossibility it is.


This is a Yahtzee game that I made (in collaboration with Cory) as a final project in an 'intro to programming in VB' type class, then later tuned it up and added sound. It features up to 4 players and automatic score keeping.  Started in 2001 (I think)
[If you have any trouble running it you may need VBRun60sp4.exe , a VB Runtime Library, also available from Microsoft]